Best restaurants in downtown San Antonio

The city of San Antonio offers many great restaurants, with great food and good prices. No matter which cuisine you prefer, you will surely find a nice restaurant that will offer you great service, delicious food and peaceful atmosphere. There are several restaurants in San Antonio Downtown that emerge as the best in the whole city, and here are some of them. Continue reading “Best restaurants in downtown San Antonio”

History of the Riverwalk in San Antonio

Among all touristic attractions San Antonio offers, there is one that emerges as the most visited and most interesting to both tourists and local population. That is San Antonio’s famous Riverwalk. This breath-taking walkway has long history that reaches back to 1536, when a man named Alvaro Nunez was trapped by the Indians. He was the first to describe the San Antonio River. There was an initiative to preserve the natural beauty of the area and to keep the native trees. However, the history of Riverwalk itself began in 1921. That was the year when this area was flooded, and the flood took 50 lives. This flood forced Jack White, who was a mayor in that period, to make plans for protection of floods. Continue reading “History of the Riverwalk in San Antonio”

Places to visit in San Antonio

If your summer vacation is approaching and you don’t know where to spend it yet, this article will give you the quick overview of one great city to visit, San Antonio. San Antonio is the second largest city in the state of Texas and it is definitely a place you cannot miss if you’re planning to visit Texas. The city has a large number of touristic attractions and you will definitely not feel bored here. I mean, it is Texas, after all.

Here we present some of the top places tourists can visit in San Antonio. Continue reading “Places to visit in San Antonio”