Art museums in San Antonio

When it comes to the art, San Antonio has many things to offer. Art museums and galleries are numerous in San Antonio. Most popular of them are located in Downtown and River Walk. Here are the three most popular art museums in San Antonio.

  • The San Antonio Museum of Art

Arguably the most popular art museum in San Antonio, located in Downtown, on the north part of River Walk. Back in 1970s, there was a plan to buy the Lone Star Brewery and to turn it into art museum. The restoration of the old building costed over $7 million. After the reconstruction finished, The San Antonio Museum of Art officially opened its doors in 1981. Initially, this museum had collections from Colonial and Latin-American folk art, and newer European paintings and pictures also. Museum collection had expanded in 1985, when N. A. Rockefeller donated his collections of folk art from Latin-America. Today, Museum of Art has many interesting things to offer. Almost every day, there are tours and events organized by Museum in order to create unforgettable experience for the visitors. There are also tours for blind people, meditations every Saturday, held in Japanese gallery and many other tours around the museum where you can learn a lot about American and European history. Visiting the museum is free for children under 12, and costs $10 for adults (there are discounts for students and military, as well as for people older than 65). Museum of Art is placed at 200 West Jones Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78215. If you want to see some of the best collections from Colonial period, San Antonio Museum of Art is definitely a place to visit.

  • McNay Art Museum

When it comes to the modern art, McNay Art Museum is a name you have to say first. Reason for that is – it was opened in 1954 and it is first modern art museum in Texas. Marion K. McNay is considered to be the founder of this museum, despite the fact that he died in 1950, four years before the museum was opened. She left her whole collection of 18th, 19th and 20th paintings from America and Europe, a collection that counted over 700 artworks. Beside the collection, she also left the space to build the museum, so, when it finally opened in 1954, it was named after her. Today, McNay Art Museum has expanded its collection and it now possesses works from renaissance period, and a collection of N. Mexico art. If you are looking for the most exceptional collections of modern art, McNay Art Museum will surely satisfy your needs.

  • Briscoe Western Art Museum

The previous two museums covered the topics about modern and folk Latin and American art. Briscoe Western Art Museum, on the other hand, has collections that represent the culture of American West. Here you will find paintings and sculptures, as well as some other artefacts like swords, that represent the scenes from West. This museum is placed at 210 W Market St., San Antonio, TX 78205.