Libraries in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio has a network of libraries known as the San Antonio Public Library. It includes a Central Library as well as 26 other, smaller libraries located across the city. Besides the city of San Antonio, Public Library also serves Alamo Heights and Hill Country Village. They also offer many of the books in ebook format.

The Central Library is a huge, easy recognizable building with the area of 22000 m2. It’s in red color, so you cannot miss it, for sure. This building was built in 1995 and it takes place in Downtown San Antonio. Ricardo Laggoreta is the architect who designed this breath-taking building, as he won the designing competition back in 1991, which decided which architect will design The Central Library. The construction of the library costed the country around $28 million. Dale Chihuly made a huge glass sculpture that represents special part of the library. This sculpture was made in 2005 and it is called „Fiesta Tower“. This library is very different from others, because it does not look like common library. Besides standard features this library offers, there are special ones that you will have hard time to find somewhere else. Those include a huge, yellow-colored atrium and many fountains that are planned to be the rooms for outside reading.

The Central Library is particularly interesting because of its unusual architecture, so it attracted not only people looking for knowledge, but also architects. After the construction of the Central Library building, number of visitors doubled. Library owes this fact mostly to extraordinary architecture and to 580300 volumes it possess. Everything here is committed to knowledge and learning. Beside printed books this library offers, there is also a large number of e-Books and AudioBooks, as well as the collections of films and music. The Central Library is something that state of Texas should be proud of. The old building was placed at River Walk. This, new Central Library building is placed at 600 Soledad, San Antonio, TX 78205.

UTSA Libraries

University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries is another library in San Antonio. This library is way different from San Antonio Public Library because UTSA is academic library and serves UTSA students and staff. It provides learning material and study space for thousands of students. UTSA Libraries are composed of JPL on the main campus, AET library and Downtown Library. JPL (stands for John Peace Library) is the oldest in UTSA Libraries complex. It was built in 1976. O’Neil Ford, famous for the Tower of Americas, was the architect who designed John Peace Library. Originally, JPL had 350000 volumes at its disposal and learning spaces for more than 1000 students. The other two libraries that compose UTSA, Downtown and Applied Engineering Library are much younger age. The Downtown Library opened in 1999 and AEL just six years ago. This library offer large number of various recourses, including millions of e-Books, books and audio material for studying. UTSA has a partner, HathiTrust, and through this collaboration, it has more than 12 million research papers at its disposal.