Places to visit in San Antonio

san antonio river walk

If your summer vacation is approaching and you don’t know where to spend it yet, this article will give you the quick overview of one great city to visit, San Antonio. San Antonio is the second largest city in the state of Texas and it is definitely a place you cannot miss if you’re planning to visit Texas. The city has a large number of touristic attractions and you will definitely not feel bored here. I mean, it is Texas, after all.

Here we present some of the top places tourists can visit in San Antonio.

  • River Walk

River Walk simply has to be the first on this list. Once you see it, you’ll understand why. Paseo del Rio, a Latin name for River Walk, is extremely famous walkway, more precisely walkway network, on the banks of the San Antonio River and it is definitely favourite attraction of San Antonio. Some even say that River Walk is the main touristic attraction in the state of Texas. In this public park you will see many top-class restaurants, shops and bars. Boat rides are among the most famous things to do here. It’s not like in Venice, but it’s very close to it.

Tourists that come to San Antonio for the first time are usually amazed by the River Walk and the old-fashioned beauty it possess. You’ll definitely want to visit one of the numerous restaurants and try the food they offer, although most of the restaurants are Mexican. If you are not the fan of Mexican cuisine, you can visit shops and bars and have good time there. This park is definitely a place you cannot afford to miss if you are in San Antonio. You’ll not regret, guaranteed.

  • Alamo Mission in San Antonio

You’ve heard of the battle of Alamo, right? That is a battle that happened in 1836, during the Texas Revolution. The site where the battle took place is now UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as the Alamo. Nowadays, it is a museum. Usually, tourists who visit museums like history, but even if you don’t, you should visit this place just to admire the beauty of an old building and take pictures. On the other hand, if you like history, this place will be a true paradise and a great experience for you. You shall learn a lot about history of Texas, including the facts about the famous battle that took place here. Another great thing about this museum is the fact that it is completely free to get in, so if you are in San Antonio already, give it a chance, you won’t regret it.

  • Majestic Theatre

I have an opinion that this list should contain a little bit of everything, and for everyone, so that is the main reason the Majestic Theatre is here, and, let’s say, Mission of San Jose is not. This theatre was built in 1929. If you have an “eye” for those things, you will recognize old Spanish style, some will say even Gothic, a style that this building owes to J. Eberson, who designed this theatre. This theatre offers interesting shows and concerts that will surely satisfy your taste.